Safeguarding with te Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash

Safeguarding with te Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash

Salvatore Di Fiore6/16/23

In today's safety-conscious workplaces, prioritizing the well-being of employees is crucial. The Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash sets a new standard for eye protection in emergency situations. With its exceptional features and performance, this eyewash station ensures rapid and thorough irrigation, minimizing the impact of harmful substances on the eyes. Discover the remarkable benefits of this advanced eyewash system that brings peace of mind to industrial and commercial environments. In this post, we will go over the features, benefits, and frequently asked questions about the Speakman SE-580 Traditional Eyewash.

Features and benefits:

  1. Dual spray heads: The Speakman SE-580 is equipped with dual spray heads, allowing for simultaneous flushing of both eyes. This feature ensures that the eyes are thoroughly rinsed, eliminating contaminants swiftly and effectively.

  2. Aerated water flow: The aerated water flow of the SE-580 strikes the perfect balance between gentleness and power. It provides a comfortable yet robust stream that effectively removes harmful substances without causing additional discomfort.

  3. Highly visible activation handle: During an emergency, quick response is essential. The Speakman SE-580 features a bright yellow activation handle that stands out prominently. This visibility ensures that the eyewash station can be easily located and activated, minimizing response time and potentially averting eye-related injuries.

  4. Robust stainless steel construction: Durability is a key consideration for any eyewash station. The SE-580 is constructed using high-quality stainless steel, offering excellent corrosion resistance and ensuring long-lasting performance even in demanding industrial environments.

  5. Integral strainer: To maintain optimal functionality, the SE-580 is equipped with an integral strainer. This feature prevents debris and particles from clogging the spray heads, ensuring consistent water flow during emergency situations.

  6. Quick drain: After use, rapid drainage is crucial for minimizing downtime and preparing for subsequent emergencies. The quick drain feature of the SE-580 enables efficient water removal, ensuring that the eyewash station is ready for immediate use when needed.

  7. ANSI Compliance: The Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash adheres to the stringent requirements of the ANSI Z358.1 standard for emergency eyewashes and showers. By choosing the SE-580, businesses demonstrate their commitment to safety and regulatory compliance.

  8. Easy installation: Installing the SE-580 is a hassle-free process. Its wall-mounted design saves space and allows for convenient placement near potentially hazardous areas. The eyewash station comes with all the necessary mounting hardware, simplifying the installation process.

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How quickly can the Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash be activated during an emergency?

The Speakman SE-580 is engineered for swift activation in emergency situations. The highly visible yellow handle ensures immediate recognition, enabling users to initiate eye irrigation promptly, thereby minimizing potential harm.

Does the Speakman SE-580 require extensive maintenance?

No, the SE-580 features a low maintenance design. Routine inspections and testing are recommended to ensure its optimal functionality, but overall, the eyewash station requires minimal upkeep, reducing maintenance costs for businesses.

How long does the water flow last when the Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash is activated?

The water flow duration of the SE-580 depends on the water pressure and supply. However, it is designed to provide sufficient water for thorough eye irrigation during emergencies.

Is the Speakman SE-580 suitable for outdoor installation?

While the SE-580 is primarily designed for indoor use, it can be installed outdoors if protected from extreme weather conditions. It is recommended to consult with a professional to ensure proper installation and protection against the elements.

Can the Speakman SE-580 be used in conjunction with safety showers?

Yes, the SE-580 eyewash station can be used alongside safety showers to provide comprehensive emergency response capabilities. When combined, these systems ensure complete coverage for the face, eyes, and body in case of chemical exposure.

Are replacement parts readily available for the Speakman SE-580?

Speakman offers a comprehensive range of replacement parts for their eyewash stations, including the SE-580. These parts are easily accessible and can be obtained directly from authorized distributors or through Speakman's official channels.

Is professional installation required for the Speakman SE-580?

While professional installation is not mandatory, it is highly recommended to ensure correct placement, proper water supply connections, and compliance with relevant regulations. Engaging a professional ensures that the eyewash station is installed correctly and functions optimally during emergencies.

How often should the Speakman SE-580 be tested for functionality?

Regular testing is essential to ensure the SE-580's functionality when needed. It is recommended to follow the guidelines set by the ANSI Z358.1 standard, which typically suggests testing the eyewash station on a weekly basis and conducting a thorough inspection annually.

What is the warranty period for the Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash?

Speakman provides a warranty for their products, including the SE-580. The specific warranty period may vary, so it is advisable to consult the official Speakman documentation or reach out to their customer service team for accurate warranty details.

Can the Speakman SE-580 be used with eyeglasses or contact lenses?

Yes, the SE-580 can be used with eyeglasses or contact lenses. However, it is recommended to remove contact lenses as soon as possible during eye irrigation to prevent potential irritation or trapping of contaminants. Eyeglasses should be rinsed thoroughly to ensure any trapped particles are removed effectively.


The Speakman SE-580 Traditional Series Eyewash stands as a testament to safety and efficiency. With its advanced features, ANSI compliance, and easy installation, this eyewash station provides unparalleled protection for employees' eyes in critical moments. Invest in the SE-580 and empower your workplace with reliable eye irrigation that leaves no room for compromise.

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