ACO 37244 Linear Drain



ACO ShowerDrain Q-Plus shower solutions offer a design statement in homes, spas, casinos, and boutique hotels, as well as more pragmatic use in hospitals, aged care facilities or applications where access, corrosion resistance, or hygiene is a major concern. Q-Plus products offer a more cost effective option to bring this unique design to a wider audience. Products are also suitable for traditional hub shower designs and they also allow the elimination of physical barriers within the bathroom floor for a contemporary look or to comply with universal design concepts. Q-Plus products are prepackaged to include body, grate, flange, and accessories. All grates are compliant with ADA requirements set out in The Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990; Section 4.5.4. All grates have slots 0.31" (8mm) or less and are deemed Heel Resistant in accordance with ASME: A112.6.3: Section 7.12 Heel Resistant Strainers & Grates.
  • A stainless steel sieve/strainer that sits inside the 2" diameter outlet to collect hair and debris; Note that use of strainer will reduce the flow performance of the shower channel
  • Lifting keys are standard with each unit and assist with grate removal during maintenance
  • Leveling feet are also standard with each unit and enable easy installation by providing stability and height adjustment of the linear channel
  • Model number: 37244