Aquor C-DW2 RV Plug Cover



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Heavy-duty EPDM plug cover for our RV City Water Inlet and Hydrant V1/V1+ series. Snug fit. Use to keep dirt and debris out of your Aquor valve. Doubles as a weatherproofing gasket between your hydrant’s faceplate and mounting surface.

The Aquor Debris Cover
  • Discreet and modern design
  • Heavy-duty EPDM
  • Gasket at 95° angle for proper drainage

Tech Specs

Compatibility Compatible with Hydrant V1/V1+, RV City Water Inlet, and Universal Hydrant
Install Required Yes
Cover Material EPDM
Warranty 10 yrs


1. Remove existing cover by releasing hydrant mounting screws. There is no needto shut off the water supply. Do not disconnect from plumbing.

2. Slide the existing cover up to remove. New cover must be installed BEHINDthe hydrant faceplate.

Note the 5° wedge will angle the hydrant downward for drainage.

3. Replace mounting screws to secure assembly to wall.

4. Check cover alignment and operation. Adjust friction hinge if needed.

Install Guide/Tech Specs