Aquor Water Systems Frost-Free House Hydrant V1, 2-inch Blue, Round HH002-B



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It's the world's most versatile water outlet. Don't sacrifice freeze protection, looks, or convenience in any situation. No brass sillcock can compete with our industry-leading freeze protection. Stainless steel provides about 7x better freeze resistance than brass. Less than 3.5 inches total (with the optional elbow inlet), the Mini-Hydrant can fit inside a 2x4 framed wall while still providing sub-zero freeze protection. Skip the hassle of drilling through corner or end-walls to fit long brass sillcocks. Proud winner of the 2018 National Association of Homebuilders Best Outdoor Living Product Award.
  • Instant, leak-free hose connections
  • Freeze protection to -30 degrees
  • 100% lead-free, marine-grade stainless steel
  • Heavy-duty hose connector included
  • NOTE SIZE: 2" Hydrant model = 3.75" Total Length 
  • Overall - 72mmx99mm See Photo
  • 2" Blue