Aquor MB-SSBOX-2 Stainless Steel Mounting Box - V2+



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Stainless Steel Mounting Box - V2+

For new construction. Use for a faster, better-weatherproofed installation. 100% stainless steel will last decades. Welded edges and brushed finish. Can be used with liquid or tape flashing for additional protection. Includes machine screws.

Tech Specs

In the Box Mounting Box, x5 M4.5 x 40 mm Cone head machine screws, x4 M4 x 25 mm Phillips countersunk head screws
Compatibility Hydrant V2+
Install Required Yes
Model V2+
Siding Rough-In Dimensions 4.5” x 6”
Material Stainless Steel
Warranty 10 yrs


1. Secure mounting box to sheathing.

2. Use flange clearance holes to attach to sheathing. Ensure the box is installed level. Flange may be covered with liquid or tape flashing for weatherproofing. Install flange under rainscreen and siding layers. Flange should not be visible when complete.

Attach hydrant to the mounting box with included machine screws

Install Guide/Tech Specs