Febco #905-212 Bonnet Repair Kit for #765 1inch & 1-1/4inch Vacuum Breakers & Backflow Preventers

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  • FEBCO is so confident of the heavy-duty construction and "freeze plug" design of the Series 765, it is the only manufacturer to offer a lifetime warranty on the bronze valve body of the 1/2" through 11/4" models*. In most pressure vacuum breaker designs, the bronze body can split open when water inside expands in freezing temperatures. When this happens, the whole unit must be replaced which can be expensive and downright inconvenient. But should an unexpected freeze catch your irrigation system by surprise, the bronze body of the FEBCO Series 765 will remain intact while less expensive and easy-to-replace internal plastic components are sacrificed to the freeze damage. This "freeze plug" feature means replacing damaged plastic parts at just a fraction of the cost of the complete valve. *Only the bronze body of the 1/2" through 11/4" Series 765s are covered by the lifetime body warranty. Ball valves, test cocks and internal components are not considered part of the bronze body. All backflow preventers must be protected against freezing, or damage may occur.
  • Series 765 Pressure Vacuum Breaker Features: Only FEBCO offers a Lifetime Warranty on the bronze body of the 1/2" through 11/4" Series 765. The exclusive "freeze plug" design feature of the 1/2" through 11/4" models prevents freeze damage to the bronze body and limits damage to less expensive internal components. Unique check valve design reduces check valve fouling and chattering providing longer life and more reliable operation. Vandal/tamper resistant brass canopy and test cocks mean trouble-free performance. Engineered plastic and brass internal parts resist chemical and mineral deposit build-up for more reliable performance. Heavy duty engineered plastic poppets provide reliable operation.