Franke HT-100 Heating tank, 12 inch, Stainless Steel



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About this item

  • Franke Little Butler Heating Tank installs under your sink to provide hot water from your point-of-use faucet the moment you need it
  • Reduces waiting time and waste
  • For use with all Franke hot only and hot/cold filtration faucets
  • Heats up to 40 cups per hour, close to boiling temperature
  • Adjust temperature with a dial conveniently located on the front of the tank

From the manufacturer


Four easy steps for healthier, cleaner water. Franke StillPure under sink complete filtration systems improve the taste, odor and color of water found in your home by removing harmful bacteria, parasites and cysts, chlorine and lead. Simply choose from the expansive line of Franke pre-configured water filtration kits or choose a-la-carte based on your specific needs. Select the Franke water filtration faucet to best match your style needs, add a filter kit, an optional chiller or heater tank and a monitor your usage (with Bluetooth FM100 and smartphone app) to ensure high quality water filtration at all times. For simplistic, minimalist design options, choose a Franke 3-in-1 faucet design to maximize functionality without the clutter of additional faucets. Instant heating and cooling features will help dramatically reduce the amount of waiting time to get your water to the desired temperature. All of Franke water filtration systems are designed to be conveniently installed under your sink for point of use, making adding filtration extremely simple. Additional water supply hoses may be needed to connect to the existing water supply lines. Franke water filtration products are backed by a 5 year warranty, faucets by a limited lifetime warranty, heater and chiller tanks by a 1 year warranty.