Franke Stainless Little Butler Instant Hot Water Heating Tank, Reverse Osmosis Compatible



 Product Details:

For use with all Franke hot only and hot/cold filtration faucets. ( replaces HT100, HT200, HT300, HT400, etc...)

  • Tank Capacity 5/8 gal (2.5 qt)
  • Tank Material Stainless Steel
  • Near boiling Water Supply Rate 60 cups / hr
  • Installation Under Cabinet
  • Temperature Adjustment Variable Dial
  • RO Water System Compatible
  • Appx Packaged Weight 9lbs
  • Heating Indicator Light Included
  • Warranty 3 years
  • Compatibility All Franke Little, Butler Hot Water, Dispensing Faucets (does not work with ISE faucets)

Product Specifications: 

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