Hunter Sprinkler XC200I X-Core 2-Station Indoor Only Sprinkler Timer



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Product Description:
  • Hunter X-Core 2-Station Smart Controller
  • Hunter Indoor WaterSense Smart Controller
  • 120 VAC external transformer
  • Easy Retrieve Memory
  • The Programmable Rain Delay feature incorporates a user-specified number of days to keep the controller in the OFF mode, then allows for the system to automatically revert back to scheduled irrigation. This will prevent watering during an extended period of inclement weather but will resume watering automatically without requiring a return visit to the controller. The controller displays the number of days remaining before watering resumes.
  • The Quick Check feature makes field wiring issues easy to assess with the push of a button. Quick Check displays an ERR message when a field wiring short is detected on a particular station number.
  • Total Run Time Calculator - This feature adds up all run times, and calculates the total duration of a program to instantly display the full length of an irrigation cycle. This information can be used to determine the time when watering will end.

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review Write a review