SunTouch 423250ST Loudmouth Fault Monitoring Device for Indoor Electric Heating TapeMats, Yellow



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SunTouch LoudMouth monitors electric heating wire elements during the entire installation process and sounds an alarm if the heating elements are cut or damaged. This provides you with piece of mind during installation that your heating system is working correctly before concealing under the floor. This device features an on/off switch, indicator lights, test button, and audible alarm.  A 9 volt battery is required to run this device and is included.

  • The SunTouch product line includes options for above subfloor, between joist bay, or concrete embedded systems
  • Systems are available for warming tile, stone, wood, laminate, and other floor coverings
  • With over 30 years of experience designing electric floor heating systems, you can feel confident choosing a SunTouch system
  • We have a proven reputation with thousands of successful installations across North America
  • Options for display color themes, remote access, large touchscreens, and control of floor or air temperature
  • Reduce energy cost with innovations like an outdoor reset in the SunStat Connect