Redi Niche Single Recessed Shower Shelf – Black, One Inner Shelf, 16-Inch Width x 14-Inch Height x 4-Inch Depth


Tile Redi

Product Description:

Redi Niche Recessed Shower Shelves are the perfect all-in-one solutions for your next home improvement project. Update your existing shower with a single, easy-to-install niche or pair it with Tile Redi pans and doors for a complete shower replacement.

Redi Niche shelves come in over 30 models including single, double, triple and quadruple combinations with both vertical and horizontal shelf orientations. Our one-piece, double and quadruple shelves are a great way to add space-saving storage to your shower. Now you can keep all of your shower essentials in a single spot without adding extra bulk and clutter to your shower.

Once the niche is installed, you can easily top it off with the tile, marble or stone of your choice for a leak-proof, waterproof and customized shelf that seamlessly matches your bathroom décor.

It’s time to refresh your shower with a Redi Niche Recessed Shower Shelf. Order yours today and enjoy a 3-year limited warranty!