Kohler H2Wise™+ Smart home water monitor and automatic shutoff valve



Powered by Phyn, KOHLER H2Wise+ secures your house from water damages by informing you to leakages and also permitting your water shutoff to be closed off from another location. By checking your family water use, this gadget can assist your family members preserve water.

  • 24/7 monitoring of all water lines in your home—great for finding ways to conserve water.
  • Fixed ultrasonic flow meter and high-definition pressure sensors analyze your home’s water usage and measure changes 240 times per second, quickly detecting leaks.
  • KOHLER Konnect® app sends real-time alerts to your phone if system detects changes in water pressure that signal potential water leakage or other plumbing problems.
  • Internal valve can be set up to close automatically; can also be closed remotely via the KOHLER Konnect® app, or manually with a local switch or small screwdriver.
  • Freeze warnings let you take action against frozen pipes to avoid costly damage.
  • Box includes: Kohler H2Wise+ device, 15-foot power cord, and optional mounting hardware.
  • Specifications sheet
  • Owner's Manual
  • Installation


  • Premium material construction for durability and reliability.
  • Gore-Tex® vent prevents internal condensation buildup.


  • Requires Wi-Fi and AC power.
  • Installs on main water supply line after water meter or well pump system; inside or outside the home.
  • Compatible with plumbing up to 1-1/4"; requires two 3/4" water meter couplings (sold separately).
  • Professional installation recommended.
  • KOHLER Konnect® app pairs with Amazon Alexa and Google Home.
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