34457 Oatey 1/2" Quiet Pipes Male Sweat Straight Hammer Arrestor



  • Description

    Try Oatey Quiet Pipes® Hammer Arrestors to help solve current and potential water hammer problems. Quiet Pipes use a piston design to help absorb the water shock in the system. When a valve is closed abruptly, the water moves into the pressurized chamber of the hammer and the water pressure is absorbed to prevent banging within the pipeline. Once the water flow comes out of the chamber, it is dissipated to the rest of the water line.

    • Material: Copper
    • Arrestor Body Diameter: 0.875"
    • Overall Height: 4.84"
    • Fitting Type: Male Sweat
    • Fitting Size: 1/2"
    • Max Working Pressure: 0-60 PSI
    • Temperature Range: 33°- 180° F
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