GROHE Wall-Mount WC-Element Rapid SL BH 0,82, and Cosmopolitan Actuation Plate, Matte Chrome



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Fitting a wall-hung toilet demands a frame of ultimate strength and stability. With its high-load pedestal, this Rapid SL installation system can be mounted either in front of the stud wall or free-standing in combination with an empty frame element. The steel frame is certified to hold loads of over 400 kg for ultimate stability and it can be installed in front of a solid wall or stud wall in next-to-no-time thanks to the GROHE QuickFix system. The GROHE EcoJoy dual flush system is kinder to the environment, reducing water consumption by up to 50%. Choose from over 130 attractive flush plate designs to go with the system. Noise transmission to the building is kept to a minimum thanks to GROHE Whisper technology, engineered with low-noise fittings and separate plumbing. To install this product, please purchase the 3855800M wall brackets. This sleek looking Skate Cosmopolitan Dual Flush Actuation Plate is an excellent addition to your bathroom.

  • Reduce your water consumption by up to 50% with GROHE EcoJoy and pay a smaller utility bill
  • GROHE StarLight finish for scratch and tarnish-resistant surfaces for a lifetime of beauty
  • Rapid SL installation systems with Safety feature are safe for loads of over 400 kg
  • Sound transmission to adjoining rooms minimized with GROHE Whisper noise control
  • For dual flush