Tork P47 a Pair of screw-on Trippers for Tork NSI Fits Timers: 1101, 1102, 1103, 1104, 7000, 1800 Series



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Tork P-47 Trippers for T1100 and T7000 Series Timers set of 1 on and 1 off Used on the following Models: 1101 1101-N 1101-NC 1101-O 1101-M 1101-M-IAP 1101-7 1102 1102-N 1102-O 1102-M 1103 1103-N 1103-NC 1103-O 1103-M 1104 1104-N 1104-NC 1104-O 1104-M 1104-M-IAP NOTE:


These do NOT work with FM Models