Stiebel Eltron 223425 Water Heater



Product Description:

Stiebel Eltron electric tank less water heater, 208/240 volts the tempra plus is the most technologically advanced tank less water heater available on the market today. The tempra series has been redesigned completely inside and out - upgraded heavy-duty electronics, a simple single flow sensor design, a hinged cover for easy access, and advanced flow control for the tempra plus. Welcome to the next generation of German quality.

The tempra has several advantages over a gas-type tank less water heater. Compared to many similar gas tank less models the tempra is less expensive to purchase. Installation is also much simpler and cheaper since it is not necessary to vent a tempra to the outside. Like all tempra plus series tank less water heaters, the tempra 29 plus features a digital temperature display and convenient dial selector which allows you to set the desired output water temperature at any level between 86 and 125f (30 and 52c).

The tempra 29 will also automatically sense the water flow rate and temperature, calculate how much power is needed to do the job, and will apply exactly that much power so it can precisely maintain the desired output temperature regardless of whether the flow rate changes or not.

Stiebel eltron tempra 29 plus electric tankless water heater, 208/240 volts specifications: Voltage: 208/240 wattage: 21.6/28.8 amperage: 3x35/3x40 min. Required circuit breaker size: 3x50 recommended wire size: 3 x 8 maximum temp. Increase: 92 weight: 17.6 width: 16 5/8 height: 14 1/2 depth: 4 5/8 working pressure: 150 psi.