American Standard GSN50T-1-3-6-LP 50 Gallon Tall Low NOx Residential LP Gas Water Heater


American Standard Water Heater

GSN50T-1-3-6-LP American Standard 50 Gallon Tall Low NOx Residential LP Gas Water Heater
  • COMPLIES WITH NAECA REQUIREMENTS - effective April 16, 2015, and Federal Energy Conservation Standards, in accordance with the Energy Policy and Conversation Act, (EPCA), as amended.
  • VAPORSHIELD TECHNOLOGY - Shuts off gas and air supply to heater to prevent prolonged vapor burn in combustion chamber should accidental or unattended ignition of flammable vapors occur outside the water heater.
  • SPARK IGNITER - Affords push button pilot lighting in lieu of matches
  • MAINTENANCE FREE - No periodic cleaning of combustion air inlet necessary under normal conditions.
  • STANDARD THERMOCOUPLE - Design provides for use of either factory supplied thermocouple or standard replacement thermocouple.
  • SELF-CLEANING - Turbulence inducing cold water inlet-tube engineered to diminish hard water area sediment deposits.
  • NON-CFC FOAM INSULATED - Saves energy and reduces fuel costs by maximizing heat retention.
  • HEAVY GAUGE STEEL TANK - For extra years of trouble-free service.
  • GLASS-LINED TANK - Inner tank glass-lined with Dura-Glas and fired at 1600 degrees F for optimum protection from the effects of corrosion.
  • ALUMINUM ANODE ROD - To protect tank life.
  • FACTORY INSTALLED DIELECTRIC HOT and COLD WATER CONNECTIONS - 3/4 in NPT water connections to extend tank life and for easier installations.
  • BRASS DRAIN VALVE - Durable to prevent unintentional breakage.
  • FACTORY INSTALLED HEAT TRAPS - Reduces standby heat loss in water piping.
  • TEMPERATURE & PRESSURE RELIEF VALVE - Factory provided T & P Valve can be relocated from side to optional top opening.
  • FACTORY INSTALLED ENERGY CUT-OFF SYSTEM - Automatic thermostat with built-in gas pressure regulation also incorporates energy cut-off switch to prevent abnormally high water temperature for added safety.
  • DESIGN CERTIFIED BY CSA INTERNATIONAL - To meet or exceed ANSI requirements. Tested in accordance with D.O.E. procedures and meets or exceeds the energy efficiency requirements of ASHRAE and all state energy efficiency standards.
  • CHOICE OF 6 OR 12 YEAR LIMITED TANK WARRANTY - Includes 6 or 12 Year Limited Warranty on Component Parts.

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