Burnham AL35SL Alliance SL Hydrastone-Lined Indirect-Fired Water Heater, 35 gal



The concept of stone-lined water tanks is not a new one, and has been proving successful against corrosion for ages. Many of the stone-lined tanks are installed are 25-30 years old. In fact, the New England area has been using stone-lined tanks for years due to their water supply being very acidic and has been devastating to glass lined tanks.

What makes the Alliance SL unique is the Hydrastone-lining. This one half inch lining protects the steel tank from the corrosive action of water. When the water first enters the tank, it is absorbed into the Hydrastone-lining permanently. This water loses its oxygen and becomes inert, non-corrosive water which then acts as a protective wall between the hot water and steel tank. This unique process and design makes Alliance SL water heaters a great choice for domestic hot water applications.
  • Maximum First Hour Rating at 135°F (gal./hr.) : 192
  • Continuous Draw Rating at 135°F (gal./hr.) : 162
  • Standby Loss (°F/hr.) : .97
  • Minimum Boiler Output (MBtu/hr.) : 99
  • Boiler Water Flow Rate (gal./min.) : 6
  • Pressure Drop through Coil (ft. w.c.) : 9
  • Storage Capacity (gal.) : 35
  • Height (in.) : 39-1/4
  • Diameter (in) : 20
  • Maximum Allowable Working Pressure : 150 psi
  • Approximate Shipping Weight (lbs.) : 170
  • A 10-year full tank replacement, two-year labor and one year on parts, which include the coil, come with every Alliance SL.
  • Hydrastone-lining
BTU Input:
Capacity (Gallons):
Height (Inches):
Diameter (Inches):
Circulator (GPM):
Continuous Draw:
162 Gallons/Hr @ 135F
1st Hour Delivery (Gallons):
200 Gallons @ 135°F
10 Year Limited Warranty on Tank/1 Year Limited Warranty on Parts
Water Connection:
Max PSI (Boiler):
45 psi
Max PSI (Domestic):
150 psi