Other Considerations For Choosing a Toilet

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There are a few considerations to keep in mind when choosing the best toilet for your home and your needs. With multiple color options and matching fixture (bathtub, toilet and sink) collections, you can coordinate your toilet with the overall color palette and the other fixtures. And finally, don't forget the seat.




The colors you choose will play a leading role in creating the look and feel of your bathroom. Consider these bathroom vignettes. The choice of a white or a color toilet shifts the tone of the room. There’s no wrong answer. It’s simply a matter of choosing the color that helps create the mood you’re after.




Coordinating fixtures and faucets take the guesswork out of creating a look you love. Collections can be a complete design solution or a starting point for mixing and matching. With styles that suit any home from traditional to contemporary, it makes it easier to find the style of your dreams.

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If you’re replacing your toilet, be sure to remember the seat. Keep in mind that most two-piece toilets are sold without a seat while one-piece toilets typically include the seat. Like toilets, seats are available in a wide range of shapes, styles, and color and with advance comfort and cleansing options.

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