Broan A000HSKT Flex Series Humidity Sensing Ventilation Fan Housing Pack with Flange Kit



Broan Flex Series Humidity Sensing Ventilation Fan Housing Pack with Flange Kit

Project packs are ideal for Contractors and Builders who have yet to pick out the final product. With the housing for the fan sold separately from the grille and motor, contractors are able to continue with construction and not have to worry about damaging, losing or storing the product. Once all construction is complete, the purchase of a finish pack, 4 grilles and 4 motor/blower wheels, can be made to add the finishing touches to the room. The Flex Series housing and finish packs provide revolutionary innovations such as foldable mounting ears, a new damper, tighter housing to decrease air leakage, and includes the options of having a flangeless housing while the finish pack grilles complement any decor.

  • Retrofit installation can be entirely form the room-side with no attic access required
  • Retrofit installations can be done entirely from the room-side, no attic access required. This means a faster, easier installation
  • EzDuct connector can be installed from the room side, with no attic access required
  • Foldable mounting ears allow for easy installation in both new construction and room-side replacement applications
  • Polymeric damper/duct connector with tapered sleeve and no metallic clatter
  • Sturdy, easy, four-point mounting directly to joist
  • SnapFit Flange Kit offers flexible installation for new construction or retrofit upgrades
  • TrueSeal Damper technology reduces air leakage up to 50%
  • UL listed for use over tubs and showers when connected to a GFCI circuit
  • Corrosion resistant galvanized steel housing stands up to moisture