Burnham AL119CLT - 119 Gal. - Indirect Water Heater




Burnham is devoted to pushing the limits of heating technology and efficiency. Their ingenuity is responsible for some of the most efficient products on the market today. The Alliance LT is Burnham's foray into indirect-fired water heating. Using your boiler as a heat source means that the recovery rate of Alliance LT models is superior to that of standard direct-fired or electric water heaters. In addition to efficiency, the Alliance LT is also designed for simplicity. All connections are easily accessible at the top of the tank, where the heat exchanger is mounted. By mounting the heat exchanger here, it may be serviced without draining the tank. Easy to install, easy to service, and energy efficient, the commercial AL119CLT is the perfect water heating solution for any application.
  • Thermoplastic Lining
  • The double-bonded thermoplastic tank liner of the AL119CLT can handle even the most aggressive water conditions. It replenishes and rebalances the antioxidant levels in the tank, preventing rust and corrosion.
  • Burnham Control Compatible
  • Alliance LT indirect-fired water heaters are designed to work with Burnham's proprietary controls systems, IQ and Sage2.3. These systems can prioritize the Alliance LT over space heating and modify the water temperature for ideal recovery rates.
  • Minimal Maintenance
  • With the seamless, no-weld construction of the AL119CLT, there is no need for an anode rod, reducing maintenance.
  • Cold Water Diffuser
  • A cold water diffuser in the tank prevents cold water from being introduced to hot water. This improves the output of the water heater.
  • Product Includes
  • (1) Burnham AL119CLT Indirect Water Heater
  • (1) TPI Thermostat Control Module
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General Information
Indirect Water Heater
Product Line
Alliance LT
Hot Water
Fuel Type 
Indirect Fired
Storage Type
Coils Quantity
Connection Type

First Hour Delivery 
477 Gallons
Continuous Recovery Rate
840 Gallons
Storage Volume
119 Gallons
Cold Water Inlet
1 Inch
Hot Water Outlet
1 Inch
Supply Connection
1 1/2 Inches
Return Connection
1 1/2 Inches
Product Diameter
28 Inches
Product Height
74 Inches
Shipping Weight
125 Pounds
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty 
1 Year
Vessel Warranty
10 Years