Burnham MPO-IQ231 - 203K BTU - 87.0% AFUE - Hot Water Oil Boiler - Chimney Vent - Burner Sold Separately




Burnham is devoted to pushing the limits of heating technology and efficiency. Their ingenuity is responsible for some of the most efficient boilers on the market today. The MPO-IQ is a brilliant marriage of reliable design elements and advanced controls. The result is an incredibly efficient boiler that is easy to use. A 3" thick insulated jacket and vacuum-formed burner door provide the MPO-IQ231-LLU with superior heat retention, one of several ways that an MPO-IQ hot water boiler reduces your energy consumption without compromising your comfort. In addition to superior insulation, MPO-IQ boilers also improve efficiency by virtue of their three-pass heat exchanger, which recirculates heat instead of venting it away. Whether you are replacing an existing oil boiler or this is your first, the MPO-IQ is a fantastic choice.
    • Intelligent Oil Boiler Control
    • Burnham's IQ system consists of two primary components: an IQ Option Panel and an Intelligent Oil Boiler Control. The Intelligent Control has an adjustable setpoint, provides two relays, and acts as an aquastat.
    • IQ Option Panel
    • The IQ Option Panel provides a standardized and simplified way to add functionality to your boiler. It supports Burnham's plug-and-play IQ Option Cards for outdoor reset, an auxiliary high limit, and low water cutoff.
    • Superior Accessibility
    • The MPO-IQ231-LLU is designed for ease of installation and maintenance. The burner door is reversible and the rear plates may be removed easily for access to the flue passages.
    • Simple Venting
    • MPO-IQ boilers include a barometric draft regulator and stainless steel flue baffles. These components provide simple, safe, and efficient natural draft venting for your boiler.
    • Durable Construction
    • The longevity of MPO-IQ boilers is owed, in part, to the proprietary BC25HSi silicon-inoculated iron used for the boiler sections. Additionally, the heat exchanger is made from cast-iron, which allows it to accept lower return water temperatures.
    • Product Includes
    • (1) Burnham MPO-IQ231-LLU Hot Water Boiler
    • (1) Burnham 8116289 7" Vent Damper
    • (1) Parts Carton
    • (1) Instruction Envelope
Product Note
This boiler is sold without a burner or circulator.
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General Information
Product Line
Hot Water
Heat Exchanger Material
Cast Iron
Fuel Type 
Combustion Type 
Vent Type 
Chimney Vent
DHW Production 
Single Stage
Mount Type
Maximum Altitude
2000 Feet
Assembly Type
Burner Model
Sold Separately
87 %
Input Rate
1.65 GPH
DOE Heating Capacity 
203000 BTU
Net I=B=R Capacity 
177000 BTU
Electrical Data
120 Volts
60 Hz
Flue Connection Size
7 Inches
Supply Connection
1 1/2 Inches
Return Connection
1 1/2 Inches
Product Height
38 Inches
Product Width
21 9/16 Inches
Product Depth
34 5/8 Inches
Product Weight
771 Pounds
Country of Origin
United States
ETL Listed
ASME Certified
AHRI Certified
AHRI Reference Number
Warranty Information
Parts Warranty 
1 Year
Heat Exchanger Warranty
Limited Lifetime Years