Honeywell Home RWD21 Water Leak Detector Alarm



Product description


Product Description

Easy to use - set in lowest spot where water leak may occur. Detects water 1/16" deep. Ideal for use in areas not usually observed: Water Heaters - Behind Washing Machines or Dishwashers - Under Refrigerator for Ice Makers - Under Sinks - Sump Pumps of inside pits - Toilets - Behind or near media systems. Provides early warning of potentially costly water damage.


Re-Useable Water Leak Alarm — RWD21

 •  Sensor and alarm all-in-one
 •  Loud audible alarm
 •  Economical way to defend against water leaks

Never be surprised by a leak or flood again! The Honeywell RWD21 Single Use Water Leak Alarm automatically goes off when water comes into contact with it allowing you to respond to leaks and floods quickly and prevent disastrous damage caused by unknown water exposure. Great for placing around water prone areas such as sump pumps, water tanks, burst prone pipes, or even under the sink. Honeywell's water defense system and water-sensing alarm offers superior protection against leaks and water damage in your home and office. Add peace of mind with a water leak alarm.

  • Unlimited use spot detector; easily re-sets for re-use
  • Easy to use near water heaters, sump pumps, under sinks, dishwashwers
  • Water sensor and alarm all in one
  • Economical way to defend against water leaks in multiple locations throughout the home
  • Loud audible alarm
  • Alarm sounds for up to 24 hours (dependent upon battery life)
  • Low battery chirp
  • Requires 9V battery (sold separately)


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