American Standard Crane Plumbing 830AA000 Fiat Mop Service Basin Faucet, Polished Chrome


American Standard

Crane Plumbing 830AA Service Sink FaucetCrane Plumbing LLC is one of the best-known manufacturers and distributors of plumbing fixtures and specialty plumbing products in North America, which is now owned by American Standard.

The Company offers various products and product lines that comprise all aspects of bathroom fixtures from a small porcelain sink to a luxury acrylic bath.Fiat's MSB line is made up of Sheet Molding Compound (SMC). SMC is a plastic composite made up of filler, fire retardant, thickener, and internal mold release that have been mixed with liquid resin and a catalyst, and molded under extreme heat and pressure to create a mop service basin.Crane Plumbing 830AA Service Sink Faucet Features: 830-AA Service Faucet - Chrome plated with vacuum breaker, integral stops, adjustable wall brace, pail hook and 3/4" hose thread on spout. Body inlets 8" center to center, four arm handles. Valves contain renewable hub, renewable seats, swivel discs, encased washers and brass washer screws. Commercial red brass alloy casting-rough finish. Chrome plating exceeding requirements of ANSI/ASTM B-456-71. Indicators cold (blue) and hot (red) are included. In the U.S.A., meets or exceeds requirements of ANSI-A112.18.1M-1979 for "Finished and Rough Brass Plumbing Fixture Fittings." In Canada, meets or exceeds the requirements of CSA standards B125 - "Plumbing Fittings," B64.1.1 - "Vacuum Breakers - AtmosphereType" and B64.0 - "General Requirements for Backflow Preventers and Vacuum Breakers," and is approved under Product Class No. 681101 under Report #LM57412-1. Conforms to ASSE 1001.


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