Crown RPTR-155C Combi 95% 31-155 MBH 145K DOE Heating Cap 126K Net Wall Combi Boiler



The stainless steel, gas-fired Raptor Combi is a 155 MBH unit featuring a thermostatic mixing valve and brazed plate heat exchanger with a 95% AFUE.

We also offer the Raptor in five sizes ‚85, 110, 155, 205, and 270 MBH. Both the Raptor and Raptor Combi offer home heating and optional domestic hot water built on world-class engineering.

All Raptors include a user-friendly touch screen interface, 5-to-1 turndown ratio and an outdoor reset function to ensure top performance in response to demand and outdoor temperature changes.

Type: Residential/Light Commercial
Heat Exchanger: Stainless Steel
Fuel: Gas Fired (Natural Gas or LP)
Input: 155 MBH
Efficiency (AFUE) 95%
Venting: Atmospheric
Ignition: Electric Ignition
Trim: Water
Domestic Water: N/A
Burner: Modulating with 5:1 turndown ratio
Configuration: Packaged
Notes: Outdoor reset with included sensor
Versatile top and bottom supply and return connections