Diablo DHS2000CT Carbide Hole Saw, 2"



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Product Description:

Drills clean wood, nail-embedded wood, plastic, aluminum, metal, cast iron and stainless steel. Delivers 20 times longer cutting life than bi-metal, these new carbide tipped hole saws offer faster performance and increased productivity. Cutts deeper holes in 1 pass. Tool free plug ejection for fast material removal. Snap-Lock mandrel system for a quick and easy change with no down time

  • Aluminium etc.Ferrous Metals
  • Steel - Stainless Steel - Cast Iron - For use with - DIABLO SNAP-LOCK PLUS Quick-Change System Arbors & Pilot Bits2608F01255
  • 3/8-Hex Shank Arbor with HSS Pilot Bit and Adaptors2608F01157
  • 7/16-Hex Shank Arbor with HSS Pilot Bit and Adaptors2608F01296
  • 1/4-Hex 104 mm HSS-G Pilot Bit2608836220
  • 1/4-Hex 104 mm HSS-Cobalt Pilot Bit2608836221
  • 1/4-Hex 105 mm TCT Pilot Bit2608F01165
  • Adaptor Set