Duravit DuraStyle Basic Toilet Seat and Cover



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Duravit has been the Proud Recipient of Numerous International Design Awards.These Awards Celebrate Bold Design, which has Become Duravit’s Hallmark over the Years.Each Duravit Designer is a Specialist in His Field – a Prominent Global Innovator with an Inherent Sense for Good Design. Good Design, as Duravit and Its Designers See It, is never at the Expense of Practicality – Neither is Interested in “Design for Design’s Sake”.That’s You, the Bathroom User, and Your Own Set of Needs and Requirements. Thanks to an Ongoing Dialogue with Its Trade Partners and Sanitary Ware Dealers, Duravit is Best Able to Address these Needs and Requirements in the Brand’s Designs. Simply Put, Duravit Recognizes Good Bathroom Design by the Fact that It Seems Specially-Created to Suit All Individual Tastes.This Fusion of Duravit’s Environmentally-Friendly Production Technologies with the Company’s Meticulous Quality Control Results in Products that are Highly Functional and Long-Lasting.At Duravit, Sustainable Materials, Modern Expertise and the Foresight to Recognize What Will be Important Tomorrow Comprise the Essential Ingredients for Beautiful – and Responsible – Living Bathrooms.
  • Removable
  • Elongated
  • Stainless Steel hinges