Eemax Tank Water Heater Booster 7.2 kW 240V



  • Increase deliverable hot water by 45%
  • Compact design
  • Digital user interface
  • Vacation mode, eco mode, and freeze protection
  • Connects directly to your tank outlet
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Product details
Eemax · Tank · Electric · 80 gallons

AutoBooster allows homeowners to increase the amount of hot water available for a shower by installing the AutoBooster on their new or existing hot water heater. AutoBooster installs directly to the outlet of a tank and adds up to 45% capacity to water heater tanks, increasing the amount of available hot water. AutoBooster increases the hot water delivered by a 50-gallon tank to that of an 80-gallon tank, without taking up more space while costing less to operate than a traditional 80-gallon water heater. The Vacation Mode feature allows homeowners to switch off power to their tank when they're away, saving money on hot water heating when it isn't needed. Installation is a simple, one trade process and the unit has a compact design so that it can install on a tank or be wall mounted nearby. Homeowners can now enjoy hot showers, longer with the new Eemax AutoBooster. ^^ No need for additional electrical infrastructure when used with an existing electric water heater Temperature set in increments of 1°F Digital user interface ETL certified for USA and Canada Dimensions: 8"H x 11.5"W x 3.75"D 


Temperature Range (F):
80°F - 140°F
Max Pressure (PSI):
Min Pressure (PSI):
Outlet Size:
Inlet Size:
Inlet Type:
Outlet Type:
Min Flow (GPM):