Euphoria Cosmopolitan 180 1-Spray Fixed Showerhead



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Product Description:

An emphasis on the essential streamlines the Euphoria Cosmopolitan 180 showerhead in look and aesthetic but not in performance. An elegantly modern design, it boasts an all-chrome exterior, including a 7-1/16-in.-diameter chrome spray face, and a bevvy of high-tech features geared for optimal showering. GROHE DreamSpray features advanced shower engines to deliver precise and consistent water distribution throughout any spray pattern for an unparalleled and custom showering experience technology ensures consistent coverage by evenly distributing water to each individual spray nozzle, and limescale buildup on the spray face is a non-issue, thanks to GROHE SpeedClean. The Euphoria Cosmopolitan 180 showerhead has a 2.5-gpm flow rate and includes a ball-and-socket joint that allows users to adjust the spray angle where needed. It is available in scratch-resistant, non-tarnishing GROHE StarLight finish for scratch and tarnish-resistant surfaces for a lifetime of beauty chrome, which will retain its mirror-like shine for years to come.

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