Franke Solid Wood Cutting Board AR-40S



The Franke accessories can help keep your kitchen and preparation area clean and organized, adding to the enjoyment of the food preparation. Greater efficiency in your efforts is the result of the customization of the cutting boards and grids to each unique sink design.
  • Harvested from sustainably managed rainforests
  • Self healing wood properties does not need regular treatment with oil and requires minimal up keep
  • Heavy, dense solid wood
  • Color: initially yellow, but darkens to a richer brown over time
  • Dense interlocking graining and high oil content make it a very durable wood
  • Iroko is also used to make boat parts, outdoor furniture and custom cabinetry that speaks to its durability
  • Products are dimensionally stable and retain their shape well after manufacture this is not true of all wood products
  • Wood is known to season rapidly and easily with little or no degradation
  • Wood is the optimal cutting surface to keep your valuable knives well preserved
  • Dimensions:  14 5/8" x 17 7/8"