Hunter ACC1200PP ACC Modular Controller 12 Station Outdoor Plastic Pedestal



Product Description:

Protect landscape assets by providing real-time irrigation visibility by using the Hunter ACC Modular Station Controller. This controller has intelligent overlap settings, a total run time program calculator, and other programming features. Equipped with built-in Solar Sync, it calculates local weather changes and uses that information to implement the most efficient run times. It features a No Water Window, which allows users to place a limit on the period of time available for irrigation to fit their water management style.

  • Built-in Solar Sync
  • Non-volatile memory, keeps programs indefinitely without battery backup
  • Real time flow monitoring - permit's connection of a flow meter to recognize high or low flow conditions and react automatically to alarms
  • Solar sync delay feature allows the installer to specify a number of days before automatic weather adjustment begins
  • Easy retrieve memory: original program can be saved in non-volatile memory and retrieved later if needed, Automatic short circuit protection
  • Total run time calculator by program, Seasonal adjustment global, by program or solar sync


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