Hunter HDL06181KCV HDL Dripline Check Valve 0.6 GPH 18 in. 1000 ft.



Product Description:

Hunter Dripline (HDL) is a high-efficiency, ultra-durable upgrade to PLD that is available in three pressure-compensating varieties to accommodate a range of drip system needs. Choose HDL-PC for standard installations, HDL-CV for sloping or subsurface applications that require a check valve, and HDL-R when using reclaimed water.

  • Pressure-compensating emitters for consistent flow and uniform coverage
  • Check height of 1.8 m minimises system drainage and runof
  • Anti-siphon feature prevents debris from entering emitter at system shutdown
  • Colour-coded stripes provide easy identification of flow
  • UV resistance facilitates product longevity
  • Stretch-wrapped coils stay intact and make installation quick and easy, Superior grit tolerance provided by proprietary emitter design with multiple inlet filters, a wide turbulent labyrinth, and a full-size outlet pool


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