Hunter PGV100GDC PGV Globe Valve Plastic 1 in. w/ DC Latching Solenoid FIPT x FIPT



Product Description:

Count on the 1 in. plastic globe valve, w/o FC, to reliably stop, start, and adjust water flow. This valve features a plastic build, which ensures enhanced resistance against chemicals, corrosion, and abrasion for long-lasting use. It has a solenoid actuator, which harnesses electromagnetism to safely open and close valves in a pipe. This valve comes with an internal manual and external bleed, providing a dependable way to flush out contaminants and dirt during installation. It has flow control and ensures low-flow capability, making it ideal for multiple applications. This valve features excellent corrosion resistance and is UV resistant for additional protection against blistering and fading. It provides Accu-Sync pressure regulation, regulating water distribution to each zone for long-lasting irrigation and improved water conservation. It has a 150 degrees F temperature rating, an FNPT connection, and a 20-150 psi pressure rating range.

  • External and internal manual bleed allows quick and easy at the valve activation
  • Durable glass-filled nylon threaded bonnet ring allows easy access without tools (jar top)
  • Captive bonnet bolts provide hassle-free valve maintenance
  • Low flow capability allows for use of Hunter's micro irrigation products
  • Maximize efficiency and prolong the life of a system by fine tuning flow and pressure for each zone
  • Accu-Sync pressure regulation, Optional reclaimed water ID handle
  • Globe valve without flow control, With factory Installed DC latching solenoid


Warranty Date Sheet