Hunter PX300TPCSS FX Potenzax 300W Stainless Steel Multi-Tap Transformer with Timer and Photocell



Product Description:

Efficiently power lighting installations with the FX Low Voltage Transformer. Featuring an aerospace circuit breaker, it can be fully loaded. It has a rust-resistant design for added durability. This transformer features an open switching control architecture, making it ideal for a variety of applications. It includes a timer and photocell.

  • Stainless steel construction - no plated common steel is used which means no rust
  • Extra large terminal block - each terminal can handle up to 16, 12 ga conductors
  • Nickel-plated terminal block hardware, the ultimate conductive surface to minimize resistance
  • Aerospace circuit breakers - these breakers are not temperature sensitive which minimizes nuisance tripping so the transformer can be fully loaded
  • Two-inch conduit knock-out - allows installer to bring up to 20 cables to the terminal block
  • Include timer and photocell,