Hunter PX600SS FX Potenzax 600W Stainless Steel Multi-Tap Transformer



Product Description:

Control outdoor lighting systems with the FX Low Voltage Transformer. This transformer has a rust-resistant design to prevent corrosion and degradation. Featuring an aerospace circuit breaker, it can be fully loaded with minimal risk of tripping. It features an open switching control architecture, which can be used for a range of applications.

  • Stainless steel construction - no plated common steel is used which means no rust
  • Extra large terminal block - each terminal can handle up to 16, 12 ga conductors
  • Nickel-plated terminal block hardware, the ultimate conductive surface to minimize resistance
  • Aerospace circuit breakers - these breakers are not temperature sensitive which minimizes nuisance tripping so the transformer can be fully loaded
  • Two-inch conduit knock-out - allows installer to bring up to 20 cables to the terminal block
  • Includes 3 ft power cord,