Hunter RZWS1850 RZW Root Zone Watering System 18 in. 0.50 gpm



Product Description:

Help plants develop to their full potential with the Hunter RZWS Root Zone Watering System. Constructed of plastic, it is a perfect choice for its flexibility and durability. It has a locking cap and is enclosed, which decreases the chances of it being tampered with by a third-party. This root watering system is pre-assembled for added convenience. It has a StrataRoot design, which provides rigidity to the irrigation cylinder for extra durability, and a pressure-compensating design, making it perfect for rugged environments. It is suitable to use with 1/2-inch PVC fittings. This root watering system is used for young plants and trees.

  • Patented strata root baffles divert water to the root zone while adding strength to the unit
  • Pressure compensating bubbler for precise watering
  • Pre-assembled watering system for fast installation
  • Rough plastic mesh allows water, air and nutrients to bypass dense soil and directly reach root systems
  • 4-3/4 inch cap diameter,


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