Toro 220-27-08 220 Brass Globe Valve, 2" NPT, Pressure Reg., w/ Spike Guard Solenoid



Product Description:

Heavy-duty brass construction for superior performance under the harshest conditions. Toro 220 Brass Series valves are rugged and reliable, and offer dependable performance in the toughest situations and settings.

  • Leading Lighting Protection (Spike Guard): A lightning rating that exceeds 20,000 volts – nearly three times the protection of competing products.
  • Dirty Water Ready : A stainless steel 120-mesh filter enables dependable valve operation in dirty and reclaimed water applications.
  • Spike Guard Solenoid : Reduces wire size requirements and allows twice as many valves to run simultaneously on a transformer, all while lowering power consumption and related costs.
  • EZReg Pressure Regulator compatible : Available in two fully-adjustable models, Toro EZReg Pressure Regulators allow the consistent regulation of pressure within a zone, ensuring optimal operation of all downstream sprinklers. EZReg Pressure Regulators thread directly to the valve bonnet – no special adaptor required and no need to remove the solenoid. The desired pressure can be set fast and with a high level of accuracy thanks to an easy-to-read turn dial design.
  • Commercial-grade 316 Stainless Steel stem for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Manual Flow Control; adjustable to full shut-off
  • Robust, double-beaded, fabric-reinforced rubber diaphragm
  • Built-in Schrader-type valve is standard on all models for fast downstream pressure verification
  • EZReg Pressure Regulator can be installed as a service kit without having to drain the main line
  • Thread size: 2 inches
  • Flow Range: 30-170 gpm
  • Operating Pressure: 10 to 220 psi
  • Pressure Regulating: Outlet(EZR-30): 5 to 30 psi +- 3, Outlet(EZR-100) 5 to 100 psi +-3, Minimum flow requirement of 5 gpm
  • Minimum Pressure Differential(between inlet and outlet) for Pressure Regulation: 20psi
  • Dimensions: 7 1/2" H x 7 " W
  • Warranty: 5 years