Toro 250-06-04 250 Valve, 1" NPT Female, with Flow Control



Product Description:

Heavy-duty. Hard-working. The Toro 250/260 and 254/264 Series globe-style valves are made to withstand all that a large residential or light commercial application can dish out. The durable and dependable, glass-filled bonnet and ABS body construction allow these valves to be rated up to 150 psi, and are available in various inlet/outlet configurations meant to meet contractors’ unique preferences. The 1” inlet/outlet 250/260 Series valves feature female inlets with female or barbed outlets available in electric, hydraulic or pin-type styles, while the 254/264 Series valves are electric valves with male inlets and male or barbed outlets available in ¾” or 1” sizes.

  • Heavy-Duty Toro Solenoid Provides dependable operation and long life.
  • Optional Flow Control Allows the ability to adjust the flow of each zone.
  • Comprehensive Inlet and Outlet Choices Flexibility for new installations and retrofit projects.
  • Single-Piece Rubber Diaphragm For reliable, leak-tight closing.
  • Tough, Glass-Filled Nylon Bonnet and ABS Body Durable construction that provides years of reliable operation.
  • Self-cleaning, stainless steel metering pin
  • External manual bleed
  • 18” lead wires (electric)
  • Low in-rush solenoid
  • Flow range: 5.0 to 30.0 gpm
  • Operating Pressure: 20 to 150 psi
  • Burst pressure safety rating: 380 psi
  • Dimensions: 6"H x 4 1/2" W
  • Warranty: 2 years