Kohler 30646-CP Aquifer shower filter



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The Aquifer shower filter works with your handshower to effectively reduce chlorine and odor in your shower water, helping to maintain the natural moisturizing oils of your hair and body. Install the filter by simply attaching it to an exposed shower valve, handshower hose, wall elbow or a shower arm with diverter. With its simple, elegant design, the Aquifer shower filter finds the delicate balance of keeping the good while reducing harsh chemicals in water to help leave your skin healthy. Designed to work with handshowers to reduce chlorine and odor in water. Reduces chlorine and odor, controls scale, and inhibits the growth of bacteria and algae. Reduces skin dryness and irritation and is gentle on your hair. Filter system attaches to most exposed shower valves, handshower hoses and wall elbows with a simple threaded connection. 4.0 gallons per minute (15 liters per minute) flow rate at 60 psi. Filter media lasts up to 8,000 gallons (30,000 liters) or 6 months. Recommended filter cartridge replacement every 6 months. Intuitive filter replacement indicator. Optional subscription service automatically sends you a new filter every 3, 6, 9, or 12 months. Includes one filter cartridge. Solid metal and acrylic construction.