Kohler 76472-G-BN HydroRail-S shower column kit with Artifacts, 1.75 gpm



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Create a luxurious two-outlet showering experience with this easy-to-install kit, which includes an Artifacts® showerhead and handshower along with a HydroRail®-S column and metal hose. This Artifacts® kit features Katalyst®, a cutting-edge technology that intensifies the flow of water for a completely indulgent showering experience while saving up to 30% water consumption compared to conventional 2.5-gpm showerheads. Includes K-72774-G Artifacts® showerhead, K-72776-G Artifacts® handshower, K-45906 HydroRail®-S shower column, and K-9514 MasterShower® 60" metal hose. Katalyst® air-induction technology maximizes the air/water mix for a powerful, even flow. Optimized sprayface features a new nozzle geometry that delivers a more focused coverage of large water droplets that both minimizes wasteful overspray and increases cleaning and hair-rinsing performance. MasterClean™ sprayface resists hard water buildup and is easy to clean. New translucent nozzle color provides improved visual aesthetics with all available finishes. 1.75 gpm (gallons per minute) showerhead/handshower flow rate. Patent-pending technology allows for an easy shower installation. Slidebar bracket allows you to adjust height and angle of handshower. Diverter at the base of the column makes for easy toggling between handshower and showerhead. Wall-mount. Premium metal construction.