Kohler 77780-0 Karing® 2.0 intelligent skirted one-piece elongated toilet

Minimalist style meets maximum hygiene. The next-generation Karing® Intelligent toilet features an ergonomic seat design for a streamlined look with the comfort of integrated personal cleansing. Use the advanced touchscreen remote to create your preferred settings for warmth, cleansing, and drying. A pre-mist function sprays the bowl before every use, leaving it cleaner after every flush. The powerful 1.08-gallon flush provides significant water savings compared to a 1.28- or 1.6-gallon toilet. Compact one-piece intelligent toilet with integrated personal cleansing. Elongated bowl offers added room and comfort. 1.08 gallons per flush (gpf). Advanced personal cleansing functionality with self-cleaning wand and precision air dryer. Adjustable settings for heated seat, dryer and water temperature. Motion-activated, hands-free opening/closing seat and cover. LED nightlight illuminates the bowl for added convenience in dark spaces. Stainless steel wand offers adjustable spray shape, position, water pressure, temperature, pulsate and oscillate functions. English-language touchscreen LCD remote control. Bowl pre-mist function sprays the bowl before use for more effective rinsing after flushing. Standard 12" rough-in.