Kohler 90098-G9 Irvine™ with ContinuousClean 1.28 gpf toilet tank with AquaPiston® flushing technology and left-hand trip lever

This Irvine™ ContinuousClean toilet tank features an automatic dispensing system that delivers a consistent amount of toilet bowl cleaner with every flush to keep your bowl cleaner between flushes. Simply place a cleaning tablet in the tank compartment, set the desired amount with the adjustment dial, and the system does all the work. This water-efficient toilet tank also utilizes innovative AquaPiston® technology, a patented flush engine that delivers a fast, powerful and virtually plug-free flush. Pair this tank with the K-20485 bowl for a complete Irvine™ with ContinuousClean skirted toilet. ContinuousClean system automatically dispenses cleaning solution with every flush. Works with any toilet bowl cleaner tablets. Tablets last for more than one year in ContinuousClean system. Revolution 360™ swirl flushing technology generates a forceful swirling motion to keep the bowl cleaner, longer. 1.28 gallons per flush (gpf). Standard left-hand Polished Chrome trip lever included. Supply line not included. Combines with the K-20485 bowl to create a complete K-90097 Irvine™ ContinuousClean toilet.