Kohler 96053-L-7 Wellcomme Ultra flushometer bowl with top spud and bedpan lugs



The Wellcomme Ultra floor-mount flushometer bowl features a revolutionary flushing engine and refined aesthetic design with bedpan lugs. Measuring 15-1/4" to the top of the rim, the Wellcomme Ultra is perfect for smaller restrooms and stalls. The Ultra engine represents a breakthrough in flush performance, tolerating a wide range of water supply conditions found in R&R and new construction. This Wellcomme Ultra is listed from 1.1 to 1.6 gpf but can operate at 1.0 gpf. It performs well at every flush interval, making it uniquely effective with dual flush valves. It has been proven with all manner of valves (diaphragm, piston, manual, and electronic) from a variety of manufacturers. Elongated bowl, standard height. 1-1/2" top spud. Bedpan lugs. Available with antimicrobial finish K-96053-SSL. Replaces Wellcomme K-4350-L and Wellworth K-4406-L. 10" x 7" water surface size. Glazed 2-1/8" trapway. 26-3/8" L x 14-7/8" W x 15-1/4" H Vitreous china.