KOHLER K-1117210 Flush Valve Kit, 1.28



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Protect the warranty on Kohler products, always look for the Kohler GENUINE Parts logo. Kohler GENUINE Parts are designed by Kohler engineers to maintain original product performance and promote product longevity.

  • For Well worth Classic and Highline toilets
  • Elegant design and finish
  • The product is manufactured in United States
  • Genuine KOHLER product
  • Complete rebuild kit
  • For use in KOHLER two-piece toilets
  • Complete canister assembly kit including gaskets
  • 3" canister with a 2" outlet harnesses the natural force of gravity and optimizes flush performance
  • Compatible with Kohler Wellworth Highline Classic tank model number K-4436
  • Look inside the back wall of the toilet tank to identify tank model number
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