Legrand ASTPRRW1 Switch Wi-Fi Ready Remote



Wi-Fi Ready switches and dimmers are part of our app-based lighting control for your home. Replace any standard light switch with a Wi-Fi Ready switch or dimmer, such as the one seen here. Then connect the Legrand Hub to your home network and download the Legrand Lighting Control app. From there you can easily set up custom lighting setting - enjoy! The sofTap Wi-Fi Ready Remote Switch lets you control a light switch from a new location without running new wires. Simply install it in an existing electrical box, connected to power, and then follow instructions to wirelessly pair it with the master switch (connected to the light). For Wi-Fi Ready functionality to work, this product must be paired with The Hub (LC7001).
Switch Wi-Fi Ready Remote
Collection: Adorne
Finish: White
Width: 1.77``
Height: 4.19``
Length: 1.63``