Liberty Pumps Otc-115-D Oiltector® Control With Remote Alarm, 115V, 50' Power Cord (Maximum Pump - 1 Hp)


Liberty Pumps


  • Pairs an advanced controller with solenoid valves to control and eliminate unwanted water
  • Heavy-duty Liberty submersible pump with oil resistant components included
  • Programmable touch screen
  • Clear cover with locking hasp
  • A pre-set level sensor and float switch send level signals from the pit to the controller
  • NEMA 4X
  • Pump will route the oil to the waste oil storage tank preventing unwanted contamination
  • The duplex program is designed to run 2 pumps, one oil and one water
  • Controls are available with optional BACnet Gateway for integration with building automation
  • 25' power cord