Morris 19474 Conduit Hanger With Bolt Features –1-1/4-1-1/2 Inch - Secures Rigid, EMT Conduit to Mounting Surfaces



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  • SECURE CONDUIT: Ensure that your Rigid and EMT conduit is safely secure to mounting surfaces with this conduit hanger with bolt features.
  • DURABLE CONSTRUCTION: Morris Products‚Äô Conduit Hangers with Bolt Features are manufactured from zinc-plated steel for ultimate durability.
  • SIZE AND QUANTITY VARIETY: Choose the exact size of conduit hangers you need with the variety from Morris Products that includes ¬Ω‚Äù, ¬æ‚Äù, 1‚Äù, 1 ¬º‚Äù, 1 ¬Ω‚Äù, 2‚Äù, 2 ¬Ω‚Äù, 3‚Äù, 3 ¬Ω‚Äù and 4‚Äù. Obtain quantities of 25, 50 and 100 in each pack.
  • IDEAL FOR MOUNTING SURFACES: Take less time to complete each task when equipped with these high-quality conduit hangers that include hardware, insulated supports and a threaded rod.
  • COLLECTION OF COMPREHENSIVE ELECTRICAL TOOLS: Morris Products is proud to feature a variety of electrical tools and applications that range from wire connectors and non-insulated ferrule to nylon cable ties and cable splicers.