Morris 97519 Black Insulated Electrical Power Connectors Multi-Cable Connector 3 Port #2 - #14 - Single Side Entry - Single Side Entry Cable Connector



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Black Insulated Electrical Power Multi-Cable Connectors 3 Port #2 - #14 - Single Side Entry features include:

  • Wires Enter the Same Side of the Connector
  • Insulated with rugged high-dielectric Rubber/Vinyl Coating
  • Pre-Filled with Oxide Inhibitor
  • Single Side Entry Cable Connector is 6061-T6 Aluminum CU9AL Dual Rated for use with Copper and/or Aluminum wires
  • Easy Re-Entry for Changes, Inspection or Troubleshooting
  • Plugs Marked with Connector Max Wire Size for easy identification
  • One wire per terminal
  • Temperature Range of ‚Äì49¬∞F to 194¬∞F (‚Äì45¬∞ to 90¬∞C)
  • ANSI C119.4 & cULus 486b Listed thru 750MCM
  • Rated for use with 194¬∞F(90¬∞C Cables)
  • 600 Volt