Rectorseal 97795 Mighty A/C Condensate Drain Line Pump



Using the Mighty Pump is the easy way to clear blocked A/C condensate drain lines without nitrogen, gas cartridges or electricity. Quickly clears slime, mold and dirt plugs out of primary and secondary drain lines.

This lightweight, reversible, hand-operated pump generates enough pressure or suction to clear blocked lines from inside or outside a home or building. It can also be used to empty standing water from condensate pans, overflow pans, water heater pans, tubs and toilets.

Flexible inlet and outlet hoses connect to standard condensate drain lines (a 3/4" adapter is also included.) Two spring check valves permit 2-way flow but prevent backflow. The pump can be cleaned easily by flushing it with clean water.

  • Quickly & completely clears slime blockage in seconds
  • Clears blocked A/C condensate drain lines without nitrogen
  • Clean out A/C condensate drain lines
  • Can be used to drain standing water from A/C condensate & overflow pans
  • Can be used to remove standing water from water heater overflow pans
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