Robern UC36276RP3E4N Uplift Tech 36 Inch Perimeter Light Cabinet with Electric, Night Light and Defogger



ÔªøProduct Description:

With its vertical design, Uplift revolutionized the way in which we experience medicine cabinets. Uplift Tech enhances the innovative features of the classic Uplift cabinet with the state-of-the-art technology, superior task lighting, and luxurious finishes to create a cutting-edge storage solution that is seamlessly functional and beautifully versatile. The efficient storage and pioneering design of Uplift redefined the possibilities for styling spaces. With Uplift Tech, modern accents and upgraded features elevate the experience.For more than a decade, Uplift has transformed styling space design with its unique vertically opening cabinet design. We honor that legacy with the bold, fresh, forward-thinking features of the new Uplift Tech. Uplift Tech is available with non-lighted and perimeter lighting options, and sizes now include a new 24 Inch cabinet ideal for urban spaces.

Electric, Night Light and Defogger Package
Vertical opening with position-hold door-opening mechanism
Mirrored interior
Rectangle, Perimeter Lighting Mirror Style
Cantilever Shelving, 6 adjustable glass shelves
Can be recessed, semi-recessed (kit required) or surface mounted (surface mounting kit required)
Defogging technology ensures a clear reflection
Night light
E4 Electric includes two USB, three 120VAC outlets
Lighted interior
Dimmable LED task lighting to 1%
Energy efficient LEDs with an estimated life of 53,000 hours
LED lighting
Durable rust-free anodized aluminum and glass construction
Adjustable shelving at 1 Inch (25 mm) increments
Salt Spray Tested glass- ASTM Standard